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Let me introduce myself, my name is Cherry, I qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1991 and later as a Midwife as well as undertaking a BSc and a Masters in Advanced Clinical Practice.

I  worked within the NHS for 34 years.

I have a wealth of experience including primary care and long term conditions,  urgent out of hours care assessment and provision, liver disease, sexual health and acute stroke.  

I can offer health checks which can be tailored to your needs and can include urine testing, respiratory exam, blood sugar and basic neurological examination, including those needed for HGV validation. I also offer phlebotomy (blood taking),if you cannot get an appointment to have this done at your surgery at a time that is convenient to you.  I also specialise in ear examination and ear wax removal.  


I am fully trained and  accredited by ENT UK and BSHAA, in the safe removal of wax by irrigation, microsuction and endoscope.

All these procedures are undertaken only after careful and thorough inspection of the ear.

I am Registered by the Nursing and Midwifery Council and hold full public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

I look forward to working with you and welcome any enquiries or questions that you may have.

Cherry Hughes


MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice,

BSc(Practice Development)

Independent Prescriber.

You may be aware that unfortunately ear wax removal is no longer available through your GP, the unchecked build up of wax can lead to infection, pain, discomfort, hearing impairment and, in some cases, tinnitus and dizziness.

My Services

Ear Exam

Ear Wax Removal

Thorough ear inspection and safe removal of wax by irrigation, microsuction and endoscope.

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Blood Tests

Need a blood test ? can't get a doctor appointment? This can be done at your convenience at a time and place that suits you.  

Health checks

 I offer cardiovascular & respiratory assessment and

general health checks including bp, chest examination and targeted health advice.

HGV health examination. 

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Please feel free to view previous client testimonials on Survey Monkey or leave your own comments about my services.


"Cherry went above and beyond what these answers give her credit for and the aftercare is amazing".


From the initial phone call, Cherry was friendly and professional and it was clear that she had an excellent understanding of what was needed to resolve my issue. Throughout the whole procedure, cherry made sure that she explained  everything she was about to do and that I was comfortable with her proceeding.  The process was painless and quite quick and my hearing returned immediately after the wax had been successfully removed.  I had a really positive experience and I would definitetly recommend Cherry's services.

" Cherry did a great job of clearing ears of wax. Very friendly and professional. I can now hear perfectly and would recommend Cherry Tree Health".

My ears were severely blocked. I received marvellous service from Cherry with endless patience and professionalism. First class in every way and highly recommended.

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3 Wentworth Drive, Lowry Hill, Carlisle, Ca3 0pw

Instagram- @cherry_tree_health



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