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About Me

My name is Cherry, I am a Registered Nurse with 34 years in the NHS.  


I am fully trained and  accredited by ENT UK and BSHAA, in the safe removal of wax by irrigation, microsuction and endoscope.

All these procedures are undertaken only after careful and thorough inspection of the ear.


I provide the following services in our clinic or in your own home:

 De-wax procedures as described.

 Health checks, including cardiovascular & respiratory assessment and relevant blood testing where indicated.

  HGV medicals.

 Blood tests at your convenience and a time and place that suits you.


In these times when ear wax removal is not available within Primary Care, the unchecked build up of wax can lead to infection, pain, discomfort, hearing impairment and, in some cases, imbalance and dizziness.  It is most important that any procedure, such as this, is undertaken with the correct and appropriate care and attention that you deserve.


Contact me by e-mail, mobile or via Instagram to discuss your healthcare needs.


I am Registered by the Nursing and Midwifery Council and hold full public liability insurance for your peace of mind.


Cherry Hughes


MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice,

BSc(Practice Development)

Independent Prescriber.

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